Saturday, 10 November 2018

What you Speak and Do Defines Who You Are: Lesson IV

By Bruno Termo

Recently, I did watch a presentation clip on my friend’s You Tube channel that taught me several lessons. The many issues covered indirectly by the presentation explained different things in perspective; life, the bible, physics etc. I also learnt two more lessons, that is- why some people stagnate in life yet they are so brilliant and why, at times people of great promise lead lives which are not at all inspiring.

For those in the know on matters physics, the clip I watched might have been illustrating the obvious. However, to a person like me who is lay in that field, it was indeed a big deal. The following illustrates what the video showed:

The lessons learnt

The presentation video clip showed a pickup truck travelling at 50 miles per hour. The pickup was loaded with cannon. Now from the cannon, a cannon ball was fired towards the opposite direction. The speed of the cannon ball was equal to the speed of the pickup truck (50 miles per hour). What happened next? The cannon ball just stagnated and dropped to the ground due to balancing forces.

 To me, that was really huge and I tried comparing it with an article I read in some publication a decade ago which gave a similar analogy but in a different perspective. Now, what would be your response if your friend asks you whether your health is poor, fair, good or excellent?

Believe it or not, your answer would be a sure predictor as to whether you will survive or die within the coming four years-according to credible research findings. Fact Findings In a recent study of about 3,000 women and men with disabilities, it was found that those who considered their health to be “poor” were five times likely to die in the coming four years as opposed to those who rated their health as “excellent”.

This fact held true for people who considered their health to be excellent even though they were sick. The converse was also true for those who said they were poor health wise yet were not suffering or disadvantaged by any medical condition. A survey of five other research findings involving about 23,000 people, many of whom were people with various kinds of disabilities, arrived at similar conclusions.

To say that loose lips sink ships is but an understatement. In the first book of the bible (Genesis), the law of the spoken Word is the very first law of creation. Remember? “Let there be” and that is law number one that governs life. Simply put; you are a product of your own thoughts. It is not surprising to state that many human beings, irrespective of their physical challenges, talk themselves into very bad situations and then turn to others to pray for them when the very things they talked themselves into turns into reality.

 Negativity Breeds Negativity

How can you pray yourself out of a scenario that you effectively talked yourself into? Abundance of evidence seems to suggest that the words we utter are more powerful than we ascribe to them. You must-literally-must watch your words. Nice words form the basic building blocks of good living.

Many a times, we speak wrong things over our own lives; more so, to our children. Once you condemn your kids as being good for nothing, how do you then expect solutions when they begin to abide by your words? We do believe, hence we speak. Essentially, whatever we speak unveils that which we believe, either consciously or otherwise. That said, you thus, need to send your own words ahead of you. It is through your very own words that you can indeed frame your world.

If at all you must speak, then speak good things about your own being. Get lessons from the law of creation and lead the lifestyle you so deserve. The issue with the law of creation was not in describing the darkness that prevailed on Earth; but it was to speak light that was desired. Try as much as you can to shun spending time with talented negative-speakers because their negativity might translate into your reality.

There is no way, for real-that you can pronounce vitriol over your employer, company, guide, and helper and expect them to bless you. How can you speak badly about your native country and expect to prosper in it? Speaking positively is not the same as saying we deny the presence of things which cannot simply work. What it means is that you speak from dimensions that are above board. Despite the laws of gravity, airplanes are able to fly because of engaging higher laws of thrust and lift.

Similarly, you can activate advanced laws despite the prevailing conditions-simply by speaking rightly. I am not in a position to explain this exhaustively; just in the same manner, it is not easy to explain why a black cow that eats green grass produces white milk! However, there is one thing that I am certain about: that whenever we speak the right words regarding our own lives or lifestyles, somehow, things begin to align themselves in the right way. For instance, you will, somehow meet the right person or people, find the right career to study, a nice book to read or find yourself reading this article right now! The truth: Either way you cannot be wrong.

You are right if you say, you can. You are also right if you say, you can’t. Whatever you say manifests itself in your world. Once again remember that your words form the building blocks with which you determine the course of your future. You live within the confines set by your own words. We try to instill these tenets in our children at Milami Primary School so that when they grow up, they shall not depart from the truth.

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