Thursday, 25 May 2017

Time Well Spent during Holidays: Lesson V

Holidays are usually very busy for schoolchildren. For instance, Moses wakes up at about five o’clock in the morning. After tiding his bed, he spends about twenty minutes eating breakfast. He usually plans his day well in advance. Moses knows he has to feed the rabbits and the sprinkle water on the vegetable seedbed.

Moses enjoys doing morning chores as it is a way of exercising. By ten o’clock, he goes back to his study room and settles down to do his school work. He usually has a timetable that guides him on what to read at what time. However, before he settles down to study, Moses has resolved to go through these inspiring tips every morning It is possible to achieve all of your dreams if you are courageous enough to pursue them.

Do not run away from your fears but keep on chasing your dreams persistently. When you give the best that you have to the world, you will, in return get the best. Learning is beautiful and I love it as opposed to studying. Success comes as a result of positive will and not because you lack knowledge or strength.

Faces of people with good thoughts always shine like sunbeams. Do not give up too soon on something you have started, the beginning is usually the hardest part. You are infinitely better if you try to do something and fail than someone who succeeded by doing nothing. Try at all times to make your friend the best person he or she can be. Don’t expect them to be perfect though.

Big dreams are more powerful than knowing all the facts. Never give up on what you really desire. Behind every successful individual is a painful story; each of which has a successful ending. If you think of changing the world, begin by changing one person at a time-starting with yourself.

Although we all know that life is composed of little things, everyone is trying to achieve something big. Being the first does not always mean you are the winner. To be a winner means you are doing something better than you ever did before.

 A good teacher will always point you to a specific direction but will not tell you what you will see. Do not bother about the things you have to loose and begin to focus on all the gains you stand to get. The more you get hurt, the braver you become. So, you can only learn by making mistakes along the way. And, you can only become successful by enduring failures. All worthwhile successes are based on firm foundation of a true character

Remember that you are always smarter than you ever thought, stronger and braver than you seem. Although you might love to read about easy things because they are entertaining; the danger is that you might not grow from it. Get up! Crawl, walk and run!

According to his timetable, Moses had planned to study two subjects in the morning, that is, from eight o’clock to noon. He has allocated thirty minutes for his lunch break and another thirty for a quick afternoon nap. Thereafter, he revises two subjects. He does this consistently every day. Between four and six o’clock, Moses has time to play his favorite game with his friends. (Moses is a typical product of Milami Primary School).

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