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Milami Primary School: Who We Are

Our school

The primary objective of Milami Primary School is to transform lives through education. This objective would subsequently help young boys and girls to realize their full potential as they mature to adulthood. This is why the school administration believes in molding Milami pupils through spiritual, mental as well as physical development. Indeed, it is a spiritual enterprise. Additionally, the school focuses on helping the most under privileged children in the community (the poorest of the poor) such as orphans and those from hunger-stricken families.

The school programs are tilted towards promoting Christian-based values in order to nurture a whole person in every individual child.

 2.0 Climatic Conditions of Where we Are Joska, where Milami School is located, is about 38 kilometers to the East of Nairobi-just off the busy Nairobi-Kangundo Road. The area is considered Nairobi’s peri-urban settlement. When compared to other satellite towns around Nairobi, this area receives high influx of people who buy land to build their homes where they can operate from as they commute to-and from Nairobi on daily basis. Geographically, the area falls under Arid and Semi Arid land where annual rainfall range between 700mm-900mm. Most of this comes in the months of October and December. The area is characterized by very hot days and cold nights. The current climatic change has dealt a blow to the surface water resources as all the seasonal sandy rivers have dried up or had their levels reduced significantly. Due to unavailability of ground water sources, rain water harvesting is a more feasible source of water. Due to high temperatures that lead to high evaporation rate, shallow dams and wells of less than 3 meters deep usually dry up. The aforementioned conditions coupled with erratic rainfall patterns, crops hardly grow to their maturity, hence high crop failure rate, leading to persistent famine.
We all participate

 2.1 Accessible Resources/Amenities Water Supply: Water scarcity remains a perennial problem in the community of Joska. Inhabitants as well as those who migrated to settle here depend on water drawn from shallow wells. Those who do not have their own wells buy it from private water vendors. Health center: There is a government clinic that’s about two kilometers from Milami School. It helps solve minor ailments and emergencies. In case of serious illnesses, affected persons can be rushed to either Nairobi or Kangundo where a doctor can be reached. Luckily, Milami School is just off the Nairobi-Kangundo highway. Electricity: The community around the school has had electricity installed in most households. The main grid lines pass right next to Milami School. Recently, a well wisher helped the school to tap this electricity. Programs: At Milami School, programs are geared towards achieving the following results: • To have children play major role in self development. • To have children develop compassion and grow up to become reliable citizens who can help the community to break away from recurrent cycle of poverty. • To build capacity and develop children who grow up to be responsibly productive. This would subsequently spring up persons of high moral integrity in the community.

 2.2 Future Plans Milami School hopes to engage in various income-generating projects such as poultry, agriculture, bee-keeping etc. This would increase revenue base for the school so as to be self reliant. Activities such as animal husbandry, carpentry, ICT-based projects and printing of school-based materials can greatly help the school earn extra income. Additionally, Milami School aims at supplementing government efforts in providing formal basic education to the children of Kenya. Above all, Milami School aims to provide a window of opportunity to the poorest of the poor children in the community-through education.

3.0 Meetings Milami School follows the school curriculum as prescribed by the ministry of education. The school management prepares meeting schedules as follows:

 • Term meeting for management board
 • Academic staff meetings
 • General school meetings
• Parents Meetings
 • Children conferences/ppi All meeting schedules are prepared at the beginning of each academic term, safe for emergency meetings. Children meet regularly on a conference in order to share the word of God. Children are encouraged to cite bible verses and narrate short stories as a way of boosting their self esteem and confidence.

 4.0 Funding Milami Primary School was established on a non-profit making premise. Financial sources come from the founder as well as from friends of the school, well wishers and close relatives of Mr. Otaro. The school management is making every effort to solicit help from all people of goodwill including NGOs and foreign donors. Acute lack of finances has since stalled the growth of the school. Plots adjacent to the school are still open for sale but the pricing has soared to an all time high. The school has three plots which add up to less than an acre. This is hardly enough even for play by the children. The school management board recommended a storey permanent classrooms if fundraising efforts bear fruit

5.0 Justification

• Permanent building structures would create conducive learning environment.
 • High performance would be realized in national examinations.
• High primary and secondary school enrolment.
• Standard of education will improve due to better learning environment as children concentrate on their studies amongst other gains.

 5.1 Social Benefits The implantation of Milami School in the area would create immense benefits to the community around namely:
• Opportunity to engage economic activities with the immediate neighborhood, thus creating jobs for parents. • Uplifting livelihoods hence reducing poverty levels
All of us
 • Enhanced good health, a boost to the child’s daily production. Rehabilitation of Milami Primary School from the current temporary structures to permanent buildings would create a positive impact in both physical as well as academic performance of the school. Such a face-lift would attract more children and parents to joining the school. Synopsis Milami Primary School being a non-profit educational center is duly registered (Registration number: PE/12036/14/12) under the Ministry of Education in the republic of Kenya.

 The school is host to 350 pupils out of which half are in dire need of assistance. They come from desperately impoverished families who cannot afford to feed them, let alone taking them to school. Appeal: The founder of this community school seeks to partner with organizations and individuals, including volunteers who are willing to share in our vision of providing education to the poorest of the poor children in the community. Help us to help them realize their dream of a better life in the future through education.

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Milami Primary School: Who We Are

Our school The primary objective of Milami Primary School is to transform lives through education. This objective would subsequently ...