Thursday, 25 May 2017

Handmade Bags of Milami are Heads Above the Rest: Lesson IX

It is inevitable that a lady’s wardrobe must contain a handbag. It is a tradition of necessity and women of all cadres often must carry a handbag wherever she goes. You can carry it to parties, workplace, school, to the market etc. In other words, it is a woman’s best companion.

 As depicted here, makers of these handcrafts-the parents of Milami Primary School, lets you mix and match different design types of Kenyan bags for multi-level, multi-standard clientele. They choose beads or different fabric layouts to build fixed level of internally woven strength that’s coupled with today’s display of trendy patterns.

 In as much as ladies need handbags, they are purposely made to suit different occasions. Some are good to carry to the office whereas other designs are specifically meant for travel or special ceremonies. Beaded bags have, in the recent past gained popularity worldwide due to their unique beauty and quality of beads used. These bags may look simple but they are stunningly rugged and cool.

You have heard or come across different brands of beaded handbags, but only Kenyan hand woven designs gives you the first real-world solution for today’s sophisticated woman. The remarkable beauty patterns, coupled with durable bead-overlay that overcomes the barriers to women who want to make a strong fashion statement.

Another aspect of these beaded bags is that they are typically chosen in line with the prevailing season. The choices of beads such as the dark-colored ones are excellent either for winter or fall seasons. The bright-colored types that come with pastel are perfect for summer and spring seasons. Additionally, you don’t have to abandon your present dressing attire or change your hair style in order to match. And you don’t need a crystal ball to tell you which type of handbag is best suited for your personalized lifestyle.

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